Cock Sounding Pics & Vids
New personal best

Well played around with my sounds some more and achieved a personal best. Got up to the 12mm.

this is a bit more extreme then i would ever want to go with the entire thing of having my nuts tied up. but the size of the rod is amazing

Must be nice to be able to have someone else be able to do it for you


17mm Cock Sounding

17mm training…only a few cm deep right now.

This to me is just amazing,a 17mm even though it is just starting to get in it is still amazing


Just starting out with the sounding and urethra play. Liking it so far and just bought my first set of sounds. As with any other page if u have some pics u would like me to post or a video e-mail them to me and i will get them posted. I have to get some pics of my own so i can post them.